Life Frequencies Pro II

Life Frequencies Pro II

“Use Your Computer as a Powerful Rife Machine and Complete Alternative Health System. Get Rid of Health Problems - FAST! Get Pain Relief, Stress Relief and More…”

This day in age, we’re being hit with new health problems like Zika, Morgellons Disease and drug resistant strains like MRSA, drug resistant E-Coli and many others.

In addition, according to the CDC, millions of people are affected by parasites every year and most don't even know it.

Health problems like these are increasing at a rapid rate, all over.

Life Frequencies Pro II is the latest, powerful alternative health system. It eliminates health problems new and old. It also deals with pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety and more.

Life Frequencies Pro II gets directly to the source of problems. It works when drugs and other treatment methods have entirely failed.

Whether you’re an individual, family, doctor or alternative practitioner - you need to know about this, because it’s the future of health. It’s easy for anyone to use.

Life Frequencies Pro II has several sections for dealing with new and old health problems.

By the time you finish reading this page, you’ll realize, like most people have, that you won't want to go another day without it.

About Rife Machines

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife is known as "The Man Who Cured Cancer". He had 100% success in elimination of cancer cells and cured over thirty “Stage 4” cancer patients.

Dr. Rife also found cures for many other viruses, parasites and more, using a frequency generating device that became known as a Rife Machine.

This all took place around the time TV was invented. Now, with so many advances in electronics and computers, just like with TVs, we have new Rife Technology based on the exact same principles of resonance.

It’s faster, safer, more efficient and uses the power of your modern computer processor.

Comparing any other Rife Machine to Life Frequencies Pro II, would be like comparing an old black and white TV to a new 83” LED flat screen. Life Frequencies Pro II is the Rife Machine System of the 21st century and beyond...

There are still a handful of doctors around who worked with Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Wilson is one of them. Working directly with Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Wilson's experience with Rife Machines and similar devices is unsurpassed.

He has retired his Rife Beam Ray Machines and now uses Life Frequencies Pro II. Here’s what he has to say about it...

Just to let you know, I've been involved using Rife equipment in research for many, many years. More than I would like to admit. I've owned multiple kinds of equipment and also built my own over the last 30 years.

But, I believe if Dr. Rife were here with us today he would be using all available technologies to accomplish his goals, including software.

I've found your software extremely easy to use and to obtain results equal to or better than equipment selling for thousands of dollars. I use it almost daily in my practice. I have presently used your software with over 400 individuals. All have positive results, some with unbelievable recoveries.

Dr. G. Wilson - PhD, MH, ND

How It Works

You've probably heard about or seen an opera singer shattering a wine glass by singing a note. The note the singer sustains, is the resonant frequency of the wine glass. This sustained sound wave (frequency), causes the glass to shatter.

Scientists like Tesla and Dr. Rife, have proven that everything that exists has a resonant frequency of it's own. For instance, the carcinoma cancer cell has a resonant frequency of 2128 Hz. When a cell is resonated at it's resonant frequency, the cell is destroyed.

Parasites, viruses, bacteria and other organisms all have their own resonant frequencies. The frequencies that destroy these organisms are called Rife Frequencies. See the video below of Rife Frequencies destroying paramecium...

An older generation Rife Machine came with two hand held metal cylinders that were held in each hand. With new technology, you'll use your computer speakers or headphones to transfer the Rife frequencies to your body. Why?

Obviously, if a singer can shatter a big hard wine glass with sound waves, these waves have no problem destroying bad little cells.

The key is having the right frequencies and waveforms to do the job. The Rife Systems in Life Frequencies Pro II do the job easily and effectively! 

Headphones for Rife Machines

Using Headphones for Carpal Tunnel

Life Frequencies Pro II has not one, but three separate Rife Machine systems from super easy to advanced for the most critical Rife professionals. They are :

About Rife Pro X4

Rife Pro X4 is an advanced, powerful, yet easy to use Rife Machine. It has capabilities that no other Rife Machine has ever had in history. Nothing compares to it, regardless of cost.

Rife Pro X4

Rife Pro X4 uses your powerful computer processor. This allows you to easily run 20 Rife frequencies at the same time.

Not only can you run 20 Rife frequencies at the same time, you can chain up to 5 presets and run up to 100 Rife frequencies per session. What does that mean for you? 

It means that you get better results, faster and easier than in any other Rife Machine available - anywhere.

In the modern world, we have modern health problems that simply cannot be eliminated with old technology.

Between Rife frequencies and converted Hulda Clark frequencies, you can choose from 2133 presets for almost any possible health problem you may encounter.

About Manual Rife / Structuring

The Manual Rife / Structuring section of Life Frequencies Pro II, is where you can input your own frequencies and take things to more advanced levels when you’re ready.

You can also import frequencies from Rife Pro X4 or the Sweep Generator, where you can modify them and save them as a user preset (this does not effect the built-in presets in any way).

You can structure water and oils and make your own homeopathic remedies using the presets or even your own frequencies.

This is really easy to do! Simply click a button and run the frequencies through headphones or speakers into a UV container for 40 to 60 minutes and that’s all there is to it. The special algorithms in Life Frequencies Pro II do all of the work.

Life Frequencies Pro II - Manual Rife Structuring Water

About Auto Rife

Auto Rife is the easiest Rife Machine to use available today. We’ve taken 21 common problems, made powerful Rife Pro X4 chained presets and made them so all that’s necessary is to select the preset and click Start.

We’ve even set all of the levels and times. Anyone that can click in a selection box with a mouse and click Start can use Auto Rife.

Auto Rife - Life Frequencies Pro II

The Rife Systems in Life Frequencies Pro II

About TBSW

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves. This new generation of healing, has become the powerful alternative to binaural beats.

Since it's release in 2008, TBSW technology can now be found in doctor's offices and hospitals around the globe. With Life Frequencies Pro II, you can use it now, in the comfort of home.

The Basics :  

You've probably known or heard of someone having a car accident and not feeling a thing, even though they might have been pretty banged up. This is because the brain releases powerful pain relieving endorphins into the body during a trauma.

TBSW waves allow you to safely control these endorphins to get rid of pain naturally, by using special frequencies and waveforms. All you need to do is put headphones on your ears and run the frequencies.

TBSW does a lot more than get rid of pain. It can be used for insomnia, stress relief, weight loss, theta healing and more.

TBSW - Life Frequencies Pro II

TBSW enhances Binaural Beats and adds new dimensions.

TBSW Pro has a Center Channel, Left and Right Channels with the option to turn on Scalar Waves. The waveform is also balanced, which syncs both sides of the brain for a much more powerful effect.

The TBSW Generator in Life Frequencies Pro II also has a special Dual Mode, for running two sets of TBSW waves. You can enter any frequencies you like in TBSW and we provide a large list of frequencies that you can access right from the program.

Example : You could place a Rife Frequency as the Base Frequency and have a set that kills the flu virus, stops pain, helps you sleep, and promotes healing - all in one TBSW preset!

There are also 21 pre-programmed TBSW Presets that we've given you. To run the presets, simply set the preset kind, background sound, time and click the Start Preset button.

Built-in TBSW Presets

For Chiropractors, Doctors, Dentists and Physical Therapists, you can run one of the Pain Presets during or at the end of your session.

TBSW makes pain medications and Tense Units obsolete. It will also leave you with very happy patients. Don't get left behind on this powerful technology!

TBSW Pro :

About Chakra Tools

Chakras have been around since early recorded history. Since quantum physics have come into play lately, they are finally being seriously used in the western world - even by conventional medical practitioners.

Chakra Tools recharges the body like a battery charger. It does this by resonating the known Chakra frequencies, which causes them to balance and align. When they're balanced, the body is resistant to health problems, phobias, addictions and more.

This may sound strange to some of us in the west, but there are many people that use nothing except Chakra healing that live well over 100 years of age. This can easily be seen with Tibetan monks and other cultures.

Chakra Tools

Chakras are used today extensively for all types of physical, mental and emotional problems.

Chakra Tools in Life Frequencies Pro II :

About Ancient Tones

For thousands of years there have been special frequencies used for healing work. Life Frequencies Pro II gives you the ability to use these special waveforms and frequencies to enhance your life.

These special healing frequencies have been highly effective and documented in different cultures around the world.

Ancient Healing Tones

Ancient Tones encapsulates the most known, used and effective waveforms and frequencies used for millennia. Running these special frequencies in the background of a room can work wonders.

A normal frequency generator will not work with these frequencies. Special processing is done by Life Frequencies Pro II, to make them effective.

 Ancient Tones :

About the Sweep / Step Generator

The Sweep Generator is used for finding your own frequencies cells, bacteria and other organisms like bed bugs etc...

Usually, the Sweep Generator is used while observing cells under a microscope. If you have a dark field or USB Microscope like a Celestron Digital LCD Microscope, you can monitor results unattended.

Holistic practitioners also use the Sweep Generator in conjunction with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to find frequencies.

Some use it simply to find "feel good" frequencies, as some believe that the body (mind) naturally knows the frequencies it needs.

These frequencies can be logged using the Sweep Generator HIT button, transferred to Manual Rife / Structuring and saved to presets.

Frequency Sweep / Step Generator

Sweep Generator :

It's really easy to use and if any of the terms used here are confusing, they are all explained in the programs Help system :-)

Client / Patient Database

Life Frequencies Pro II has a Client database that’s perfect for health practitioners, families and individuals. It allows you to keep track of symptoms, treatments, progress, medications and results and other information on clients, family and friends without leaving the program.

The Client Database is powerful, as well as easy to use.

Patient Database

You can keep track of :

Help Documentation and Videos

Life Frequencies Pro II has all of the documentation and even videos that will turn someone who knows nothing about frequency therapy into an expert in no time.

Life Frequencies Help and Videos

Life Frequencies Pro II even has a Notes section, so you can keep track of your frequencies and findings without ever leaving the program.

Life Frequencies Pro II Highlights...

Life Frequencies Pro II takes your health and wellbeing to new levels. It's beyond anything formerly possible with computers and software. There’s absolutely nothing to compare it to - anywhere.

You get the most effective alternative health system available, in one powerful program. It's easy for anyone to use, even for those with limited computer experience. 

Life Frequencies Pro II is only $597.00. You save thousands of dollars, because you already own the hardware - your computer.

Your serial number can be installed on 5 computers, so you can use it at the office, at home or on the go.

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Computer System Requirements

Life Frequencies Pro II runs on PCs, laptops or tablets running Windows 7 through Windows 10. Here are the basic guidelines.


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